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Askern Moss Road Infant Academy

Askern Moss Road Infant Academy

Our Recovery Curriculum 2020-2021

Our Recovery Curriculum: Reconnection, Recovery and Resilience

The term. Recovery Curriculum, is being used to describe how schools will support pupils to ‘recover’ from the period of lost teaching and learning as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. It is a way for schools to help children come back into school life, acknowledging the experiences the children have had. We want children to be happy, feel safe and able to be engaged in their learning. 

At Moss Road, we have started to think carefully about the impact of Covid-19 on education and the progress of our children and we are developing plans with careful thought and clear determination. We believe it is vital that we do not instil panic in our children and will avoid at all costs them feeling like they are behind.

We have spent time looking at evidence and research by Barry Carpenter and Mary Myatt. The evidence available suggests children (and parents) are likely to feel anxious about the return and will need support, reassurance and positivity when they come back. Time will be made for children who require additional support and all staff are clear on supporting the re-connection with school whilst maintaining an ambitious curriculum for all our children.

The first step to re-engaging our children with their learning is through building on their confidence and capturing their interest with exciting and engaging topics. All children learn at different paces and all children have times where they find learning a challenge – this is healthy, and staff are well-prepared for how to support children during this time.                                                                        

We maintain the belief that relationships are at the heart of good teaching. Our absolute priority is to reach out and greet our children in September and to rebuild those strong home-school links. Many children have been disconnected from their friends and teachers for five months. Time will be made to listen to children, their experiences and to support them with the transition back into school routines – both pastorally and academically.

The second thing we have done is look carefully at our curriculum and prioritise what children must learn, what skills and knowledge do they need to move forward rapidly?

As a positive start in September, all classes will focus their learning around a shared text ‘Here we Are by Oliver Jeffers.’ Staff have planned lessons which combine pastoral and academic expectations for each year group around this shared theme.