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Askern Moss Road Infant Academy

Askern Moss Road Infant Academy

Letter to Parents & Carers 22 May 2020

The re-opening of schools to Nursery, Reception and Year 1 Children

We hope that you are keeping safe and well in these unprecedented times. As you are aware, we have been asked by the government to extend our provision from Monday 1st June at the earliest beyond that of vulnerable children and those of key workers to Nursery, F2 (Reception) and Y1 pupils.

We have contacted all parents to survey their opinions on a possible return to school for their children and your response has enabled us to begin to create the necessary plans and risk assessments in order for a return to happen as safely as possible for children and staff.

As of today, a Doncaster specific and consistent position has now been agreed around the wider re-opening of schools, beyond critical worker and vulnerable children. The decision has been taken that at this point schools are not in a position to open to a wider offer beyond vulnerable children and children of critical workers on 1st June.  (There has also been a survey to parents this week, discussions with Head Teachers and talks with Union representatives, all of which have helped to shape this position.)

This decision has been made based around three key parameters; the science: the availability of local scientific evidence, safety: the availability of sufficient, quality standards supplies of PPE, in particular wash stations, capacity: capacity for individual schools and settings to accommodate for more children as the number of key worker and Vulnerable children increases.

For this reason, Moss Road will not open until Monday 8th June at the earliest. The safety of staff, children and families is paramount and our school needs sufficient time and resources to prepare to reopen and operate safely.

During the week commencing 1st June, our childcare provision for children of key workers will continue to operate from Campsmount. Any additional families requiring this provision, who meet the criteria, are asked to email as soon as possible.

Phased Return
When we do reopen, year groups (same age children) will be divided into small groups of between 8 and 10 pupils, in order that social distancing can be maintained, as far as is possible with young children.

We have taken the decision to phase the children in one year group at a time.

We intend to start with our Y1 children on Monday 8th June, followed by our F2 children on Monday 15th June. Details about the attendance of Nursery children will follow in due course. We feel that this careful phasing in will ensure that our systems and procedures are effective and focus on the safety of our whole school population. The children will initially have lunch and return home early afternoon, with staggered entry and exit times. The exact details and timings will be shared when pupil numbers accessing school have been confirmed and when an agreed re-opening date is known.

Our Return to School Plan

Arriving and Leaving School

Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children only are expected to attend, in addition to vulnerable children and children of key workers. Staggered start and finish times will be implemented to allow for social distancing.

Parents will not be allowed in the building under any circumstances.

Parents must bring children to school on time, no earlier or later, same goes for collection times which must be strictly adhered to, to prevent too many people being on school premises at once.

One adult only should bring and collect their child for school. Parents must leave the school grounds immediately after drop off and pick up. The children will use their usual entry points. Access will be down the school path but parents will then walk back up the school driveway. If you wish to pass on a message, please do so via email (admin or telephone call. (01302 700287).

Markers will be placed on the floor around entrances/exits and pinch points.


The children will be organised in groups of up to 10 children in F1, F2 and Y1 with two adults.


The timetable has been reviewed and we have considered which lessons or classroom activities could take place outdoors. Teachers will have planned activities for all the children with a focus on well-being, talk, early reading, phonics and number. Online learning tasks set by class teachers will continue to be set during term times for all children who continue to remain at home.  As more staff are required to cover groups returning to school, our home learning offer will evolve and will reduce in terms of teacher contact.


Classrooms have been organised to remove unnecessary equipment and resources in order to minimise hand contact and ensure that surfaces can be sanitised easily.

All soft furnishings and soft toys have been removed, together with any equipment that is difficult to clean.

Children will be issued with their own writing equipment etc in order to minimise contact and the sharing of resources. As always, please label your children’s equipment wherever possible in order to minimise shared contact.

Uniform should be worn where possible (although we appreciate that some children will have outgrown shoes etc over the last few months).


Daily deep cleans will take place at the end of each school day and all school staff have a cleaning routine to follow throughout the day on classroom surfaces (handles, equipment, etc.) at very regular intervals.

Tables and chairs are to be wiped between activities and all staff are to be made aware of the importance of cleaning surfaces.

All soft furnishings to be removed and any equipment that is difficult to clean.


Children and staff will be required to wash their hands as soon as they enter and just before they leave the building. They will follow the usual hygiene rules and wash their hands after the toilet, before they eat and if they cough or sneeze. Staff will ensure every adult and child washes their hands at least every hour while they are at school. Hand sanitisers will also be available in all areas of school.

The rules of ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it!’ and coughing into elbows (rather than into the air) will be reinforced.

School will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of every day including all hard surfaces, toys and play equipment by our usual cleaning staff. In addition all hard surfaces such as tables, door handles, taps, backs of chairs, toilets and any other that staff and children come into contact with will be sprayed with cleaning products and wiped with a clean cloth at least four times during the school day.

Every classroom will be well-stocked with liquid soap, paper towels, cleaning products, clean cloths, tissues and hand sanitiser.

Children will only able to use the toilets and sink areas two at a time.

Government guidance states that the use of PPE is not necessary in school.

However at our school staff will wear gloves, face masks and plastic aprons when dealing with sick children or administering first aid. They will do the same if they are supporting a child who has had a toileting accident. If the toileting accident involves a child soiling themselves, staff will not attempt to change them; the parent will be called to change them and take them home. If a child has an intimate care plan, parents will be informed that this is the procedure before the child starts back at school.

Unwell children MUST NOT be brought to school in any circumstances, including but not limited to tummy ache, earache, sore throat, lethargy etc


There will be no hot meals provided by Doncaster Catering Services in order to keep social contact to a minimum as well as remove the need for sitting in the communal dining area. Lunchtimes will be staggered and lunches will be eaten in the classroom.

Social Distancing

Social distancing will be taught and encouraged. Signage will be in place.

Children will receive regular reminders of this throughout every day from the staff. However it is acknowledged by all that children of this age will find social distancing extremely difficult and may even find it distressing.

Children of this age, returning to school after so much isolation will need to socially interact and it is indeed very important for their development and well-being that they are able to do so. Therefore it is the intention of this school to ensure that children and staff stay with their designated class groups and do not mix with others but that they are able to have limited interaction with those in their class with reminders about social distancing and the hygiene measures outlined. They will remain in their classroom or outdoor area and will not use any other areas in school.


Playtimes will be staggered to ensure social distancing remains in place. Our Y1 children will use the KS1 playground and the Reception children will use their own Early Years play area. Playtimes will last for 30 minutes to ensure that both members of staff assigned to a group can have a 15 minute break.


Parents will not be allowed into the school building any further than the main entrance.

Parents can only go into the main entrance one at a time and must keep 2 metres apart at all times within the school grounds.

If parents need to speak to a member of the school staff it is advised that they phone school, email school admin or send a text message. Staff must do the same and contact parents by phone call, email or via text and not engage parents in conversation in person unless it is absolutely necessary.

There will be no breakfast clubs or after school clubs.

Visitors into school will not be permitted unless it is absolutely essential and strict social distancing rules must be followed.


The government recognises that some of our parents and carers may prefer (if their circumstances permit it) to continue to keep their child/ren at home and therefore has confirmed that absence rates will not be tracked and fixed penalty notices not issued for non-attendance during the summer term.

If you are sending your child to school however, we would expect that out of respect for our arrangements and planning, your child attends each day as normal (unless ill) and that earlier pick ups are not requested unless attending medical appointments or emergencies.


Key Workers

If you are a key worker and have been sending your child/ren to Campsmount since the partial closure of the school began, then you can continue to send your child to school as normal. Your child/ren will become part of a class group either in their usual year group or will continue to access this separate provision which is intended to be based at Moss Road from Monday 8th June. Key worker provision will operate from 9am until 3pm, as has been the case for our Trust schools throughout lockdown.


Safeguarding procedures will be as they would normally be, following the guidance set out in our policies and the ‘keeping children safe in education’ statutory guidelines. This applies to all children whether they are attending school or not.

Additional appendices and risk assessments are in place for these unusual circumstances eg for our children with SEND and other vulnerable groups.

Our Leadership Team will continue to phone vulnerable families, those we have not heard from and those who have not been in school, every week.

I hope that you have found this letter both reassuring and informative, giving yourselves a clearer picture of how school will operate when we reopen.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please keep well and stay safe.

Thank you for your continuing support during these most difficult and challenging times.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

Best wishes

Carol Ann Turner
Executive Head Teacher