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Askern Moss Road Infant Academy

Askern Moss Road Infant Academy

Parent Letter 7th July 2020 - End of Summer Term Update

We are very proud of the community spirit that has been present in all our Academies across the Trust during this difficult time. We feel it would be true to say that our schools, parents, staff and communities have never worked more closely and that we have all learned a great deal from finding innovative solutions to complex problems. As we come to the end of the Summer term, we wanted to update you all regarding the opening arrangements for the summer period and, most importantly for September.

Across the Trust, we have decided that all Academies will close for the summer holiday as planned. We recognise that there is a need for students, leaders, teachers and support staff within the Academies to take some well-deserved time to recharge and prepare for the new academic school year in September. As you are aware we have been open every day since 20th March, including bank holidays, Easter and during the May half-term break, for vulnerable children and children of critical workers. The Department for Education have confirmed that there is no expectation that schools should open over the summer holiday. Importantly they have also stated, “Teachers, support staff and school leaders deserve a break, to recharge and rest.” Therefore, all Academies will close for students at 3.30pm on Friday 17th July. There will also be no structured remote learning sessions planned for the summer break. We are aware that some parents may want to support further learning over the summer and we will signpost this next week.

Doncaster Local Authority is planning, with the support of our Trust, a range of activities over the summer which all children would be welcome to join. These are currently being planned to include; well-being activities, arts/crafts, drama, music and sports and physical activity. We will provide more information regarding these activities as soon as it is available. The information will be posted on the Families Information Service page of the Doncaster Council website.

Each Academy will send a letter out early next week outlining the arrangements for returning to school in September. We are preparing to welcome all students back on a full time basis and ensure that we provide a full educational experience for all. This will be an important step towards a normal life for many children and families and our experience since we widened the number of students attending our schools in June, has been overwhelmingly positive. However, in order to ensure that this return is as safe as possible, school life will not look and feel exactly the same since pre-COVID19. Each Academy will explain the changes to the structures and routines that will be in place which may include slight changes to school day timings, catering arrangements, classroom organisation, break and lunchtime procedures and hygiene expectations. These will be all done following the guidance from both the Government in the form of the document ‘Guidance for full opening – schools’ published on July 2nd, and Public Health Doncaster. In line with these, all Academies have completed a detailed Risk Assessment which includes other requirements such as cleaning, social distancing and symptom management and control.

The Directors of the Trust and the Governors within each Academy have been fully consulted in these arrangements and have also carried out essential school visits and inspections. These Trustees are an important part of life in our schools and provide a link between the Academy Leadership and the local community. We are looking to add to the Governors in some of our Academies and I would urge you to consider this rewarding role. Please contact Helen Young on if you would like more information.

Each Academy will contact parents soon and we all wish you and your family a happy, safe and healthy summer break. Thank you for your continued support and contribution to our Trust.

Yours sincerely,

Adam Dale
Chief Executive Officer
Leger Education Trust