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Askern Moss Road Infant Academy

Askern Moss Road Infant Academy

14.07.20 - Full Re-opening Plans for September 2020

Moss Road closes its doors for the summer holidays on Friday 17th July and re-opens to all our children on Thursday 3rd September.

Following the release of government advice and guidance regarding the full reopening plans for September 2020, we wish to update you about the work which is underway to ensure a safe and full return to school for all our children.

In recent weeks, many children have returned to Moss Road and have worked in ‘class bubbles’ of up to 15 children with consistent adults. We have been thrilled with the way in which these children have embraced the routine of school life and we can’t wait to see all our children accessing learning once again.

In order for this to happen as smoothly and safely as possible, the following procedures will be in place in September.

Our Return Plan

Arriving and Leaving School

One adult only should bring and collect their child for school. Parents must leave the school grounds immediately after drop off and pick up. The children will use their usual entry points. Markers will be placed on the floor around entrances/exits and pinch points.

A one-way system will be in operation with children and parents walking up he school path and around the building, exiting through the side gate onto Rushy Moor Avenue.

Parents must bring children to school on time, no earlier or later, same goes for collection times which must be strictly adhered to, to prevent too many people being on school premises at once.

Staggered Starts and Finishes


The Nursery session will start at 8:45am and end at 11:45am.

Our F2 and Y1 children will arrive at 8:45am and leave at 3:15pm.

Our Y2 children will arrive at 9:00am and leave at 3:30pm.

Please note that our Reception (F2) children will have a phased start.

Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September- F2 children will leave at 1pm.

Monday 7th September- Friday 11th  September- F2 children will leave at 2pm.

Walking to School


We would encourage all families to walk to school wherever possible in order to ease congestion around the school. It’s much healthier too!

Class Bubbles 

The children will be kept in their class groups for the majority of the time and these groups are described as ‘bubbles’. Nursery and F2 children will operate as one large bubble, allowing access to all areas of provision both indoors and outdoors.

KS1 children will operate within their 2 class bubbles as far as is possible.

Classroom Layout

Adaptations will be made to the classrooms to support distancing where possible. This will include seating children side by side and facing forwards, rather than face to face or side on. Unnecessary furniture will be moved out of classrooms to make more space.

In Early Years (Nursery and F2), the classroom layout will be very similar to before, with the main difference being a reduction in the equipment set out and the removal of soft furnishings. All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each session.

We will share photos of classrooms with you on our website as we approach the September opening.


Staff are planning to deliver a ‘Recovery Curriculum’ which will focus on the essentials (phonics and reading, increasing vocabulary, writing and maths) but will also offer a breadth of subjects as well as focusing on the children’s mental well-being.


Children will have their own equipment which is frequently used, such as pencils, and pens. Classroom-based resources, such as books and games, can be used and shared within the bubble; these will be cleaned regularly.



Daily deep cleans will take place at the end of each school day and all school staff have a cleaning routine to follow throughout the day on classroom surfaces (handles, equipment, etc.) at very regular intervals.

Tables and chairs will be wiped between activities and all are fully aware of the importance of cleaning surfaces.



The children will wear their uniform on return to school and KS1 children will bring their PE kit to school every Monday, taking it home to be washed on Fridays. Please contact school if you wish to order uniform.



Children and staff will be required to wash their hands as soon as they enter and just before they leave the building. They will follow the usual hygiene rules and wash their hands after the toilet, before they eat and if they cough or sneeze. Staff will ensure every adult and child washes their hands at least every hour while they are at school. Hand sanitisers will also be available in all areas of school.

The rules of ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it!’ and coughing into elbows (rather than into the air) will be reinforced.

All hard surfaces such as tables, door handles, taps, backs of chairs, toilets and any other that staff and children come into contact with will be sprayed with cleaning products and wiped with a clean cloth at least four times during the school day.

Every classroom will be well-stocked with liquid soap, paper towels, cleaning products, clean cloths, tissues and hand sanitiser.

Children will only be able to use the toilets and sink areas two at a time.

School staff will wear gloves, face masks and plastic aprons when dealing with sick children or administering first aid. They will do the same if they are supporting a child who has had a toileting accident. If the toileting accident involves a child soiling themselves, staff will not attempt to change them; the parent will be called to change them and take them home.

Unwell children MUST NOT be brought to school in any circumstances, including but not limited to tummy ache, earache, sore throat, lethargy etc



Lunchtimes will be staggered with our youngest children eating first at 12pm in the hall, all front facing. Our Y1 and Y2 children will eat at 12:30pm.

There will be a choice of lunch with our band system continuing to be in operation. The children will not queue for their lunch, instead the lunchtime staff will bring the food to the children at their tables.

Social Distancing

Social distancing will be taught and encouraged. Signage will be in place.

Children will receive regular reminders of this throughout every day from the staff. However it is acknowledged by all that children of this age will find social distancing extremely difficult and may even find it distressing.

Children of this age, returning to school after so much isolation will need to socially interact and it is indeed very important for their development and well-being that they are able to do so. Therefore it is our intention to ensure that children and staff stay with their designated class groups with reminders about social distancing and the hygiene measures outlined.


Playtimes will be staggered to ensure social distancing remains in place. Our KS1 children will use the main playground and the Reception children will use their own Early Years’ play area.


Parents will not be allowed into the school building unless by prior appointment.

If parents need to speak to a member of the school staff it is advised that they phone school, email school admin or send a text message. Staff must do the same and contact parents by phone call, email or via text and not engage parents in conversation in person unless it is absolutely necessary.

Visitors into school will not be permitted unless it is absolutely essential and strict social distancing rules must be followed.

If you wish to pass on a message, please do so via email (admin or telephone call. (01302 700287)


School attendance will be mandatory again from the beginning of the autumn term.  We understand that some parents may feel very anxious about their child returning to school and we are keen to support you, and to alleviate your concerns.


School will not be making any pupil phone calls over the 6 weeks break. However, The Local Authority will continue to make welfare checks to some of our pupils.

Call the NSPCC helpline for support and advice if you have a concern for your own or another child’s safety on 0808 800 5000.

Free School Meal Vouchers

The Free School Meal vouchers for the summer will be sent to those who it applies to so please ensure you redeem these as soon as possible as they will expire within a month.

There may well be additional Government guidance over the summer and if there are any changes we will email these out to you and place information on the school website so it’s important that you keep an eye out for any updates.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a safe and relaxing summer break and I also wish all our Y2 pupils the very best of luck in their new schools and for the next stage of their journey of learning and education.

Miss Whitaker also leaves Moss Road on Friday and we wish her every success in her future teaching career.

Kind regards,

Carol Ann Turner
Executive Head Teacher