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Askern Moss Road Infant Academy

Askern Moss Road Infant Academy

Curriculum Design

  1. All topics are based on a key enquiry question so that pupils can have ownership over the learning journey and this drives engagement. These are chosen to steer the curriculum towards achieving depth of thinking within a topic. Pupils are also given the opportunity to answer key questions.
  2. HIgh quality literary texts will be selected to support each topic/line of enquiry.
  3. The development of core skills, such as reading, writing and oracy, is a priority and are practised through a series of well-planned contexts and cross-curricular themes where appropriate. 
  4. The curriculum is implemented through discrete subject teaching linked to a core topic so that children develop a sound understanding of subjects and can broaden their general knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Subjects are taught in blocks throughout the year to allow immersion in a subject, intense progression of knowledge and a clear sequence of learning.
  5. Within the curriculum, we intend to provide a range of learning experiences to strengthen the retention of knowledge, skills and understanding.
  6. A focus on key subject specific vocabulary development is a key part of our curriculum and will be embedded within all curriculum plans.
  7. Regular daily and weekly review and retrieval practice is mapped in by teachers to support children in knowing more and remembering more. Links are made with prior learning to ensure that children make strong connections to support them with new learning.
  8. Knowledge notes are used in all lessons. In each lesson, children highlight the knowledge they do not know so they can independently identify areas for further practice and consolidation.